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Our story

Duty Refunds was born from the idea that all international shopping should feel local, no matter the product, channel, or country or origin
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Where we came from

Our founder, Daniil, had the idea for Duty Refunds when his partner ordered a pair of shoes from France and wanted to return them. The process of shipping them back to France and claiming the refund through HMRC looked so complicated she gave up and kept the shoes.

Daniil realised this must be happening all the time. Thousands of people were keeping items they’d bought internationally – not because they liked them, but because they were difficult to return. These same people were having unsatisfactory experiences, and not returning to shop from these online stores again in the future. So he started Duty Refunds with a mission – to make it easier and faster for online shoppers to get their money back, and to partner with online merchants to bring this service to more consumers worldwide.