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Shipping DDP to the UK with Duty Refunds on returns

Shipping DDP (delivered duties paid) can be a great choice if you are shipping large volumes to the UK. There’s no nasty surprises for the end consumer, and their order should reach them faster than when shipped DDU.

Unfortunately many retailers still encounter problems with this method, such as:

  • Inaccurate duties and taxes calculations
  • Upfront charges from couriers and customs agents, which are not refunded if orders are refused
  • VAT compliance
  • Having to pay import/export fees twice on items that are returned

Duty Refunds UK/EU DDP solution is designed specifically to tackle these challenges. We’ll handle the entire process for you, and using our duty reclaim software will ensure you are able to retrieve the original import duties and taxes paid when items are returned to you cross-border. We’ll also handle all of your UK VAT compliance, allowing you to continue selling here without worrying about tax regulations.