Say YES when British shoppers ask for duty refunds—it’s automatic and costs you nothing.

We reclaim UK import duty & VAT after every return and pay the money straight to your customer’s bank account.

The ultimate retention tactic—and it’s free forever.
Cross-border e-commerce UK duty and tax refund DDU solution
Internationals brands using Duty Refunds to delight UK shoppers
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Guaranteed duty refunds on every returned product

Duty Refunds integrates with your returns process to automatically refund import fees to customers.
Here’s how it works:
You approve the product return
The customer gives us permission to contact HMRC on their behalf, by signing directly inside your branded portal
We file a claim to refund all import fees & VAT
Refunds are sent directly to the customer

Effortless integration with your existing returns process

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Integrate in 10 minutes

Delight customers forever

Duty Refunds is a plug-and-play solution that requires no coding or development. Use our self-service portal to get set up in 10 minutes.

Your refund portal will always “look like you”

Easily customize the refund portal with your colors, images, fonts and a personal URL slug.
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Your customers already love us

You will never pay for our service

We don’t have integration costs or monthly fees.

In fact, we pay a referral fee every time we refund one of your customers:
The customer gets 85%
Duty Refunds keeps 7.5%
You keep the other 7.5%
That’s it. No complicated fees, no sliding scale.

Want to give customers your 7.5% too? We’ll do it automatically.
Merchant (you) 7.5%

We’ve already refunded £1,000,000 to UK shoppers

Will yours be next?