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Commercial invoice

A commercial invoice is a document in international shipping that describes the value of the goods being shipped.

It includes the date of purchase, the names and addresses of the buyer and seller, a description of the goods or services sold, the number of goods sold, the price of each good or service, the total amount due, and any applicable taxes or fees.

Commercial invoices are sometimes used for customs purposes and may need to accompany shipments of goods between countries. For this reason, commercial invoices must be accurate and complete to avoid any delays or issues with customs.

Who issues commercial invoices?

The commercial invoice is issued by the exporter or the seller, while the buyer is listed as an importer.

When is a commercial invoice required?

A commercial invoice is required in several situations, such as when customs need to determine the value of imported goods or when an exporter needs to provide proof of sale for insurance or other purposes.

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Can I get my customs duty refunded?
If you’ve returned an item to a retailer abroad worth over £135, then most likely yes! There are a few caveats though. Certain items like alcohol and tobacco aren’t eligible.

And there are time limits too.

If you returned the item because it was damaged or defective, it can’t have first entered the UK more than 365 days ago. And if you returned the item because you didn’t want it anymore, it can’t have entered the UK more than 90 days ago.
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