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Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is the process that allows imported goods to cross an international border.

During customs clearance, customs officials will examine documentation associated with the shipment and may also physically inspect the goods themselves. They will then determine whether the shipment is eligible for entry into the country and, if so, what duties and taxes are owed.

The customs clearance process

  1. Examination of the customs paperwork and physical inspection of the shipment

These are the two main steps in the customs clearance process. The examination of customs paperwork ensures that all required information and documentation is complete and accurate.

The physical inspection verifies the contents of the shipment and determines if any prohibited or restricted items are included.

Additional information or documentation may be required if there are any problems with the paperwork or the shipment's contents. The shipment may also be held for further inspection.

  1. Determination of customs charges according to the customs paperwork

According to the customs paperwork, customs authorities will determine the rate of import duties and taxes.

The type of goods and their value are used for determining the rate of import charges.

  1. Customs requests a payment

Once the rate of import charges is determined, customs authorities will request a payment for the charges.

In the UK, the courier pays these charges on your behalf, and the goods are released from customs. For this service, the courier company will charge a small fee called a handling fee. Once you pay import charges back to the courier, you will receive your parcel.

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Can I get my customs duty refunded?
If you’ve returned an item to a retailer abroad worth over £135, then most likely yes! There are a few caveats though. Certain items like alcohol and tobacco aren’t eligible.

And there are time limits too.

If you returned the item because it was damaged or defective, it can’t have first entered the UK more than 365 days ago. And if you returned the item because you didn’t want it anymore, it can’t have entered the UK more than 90 days ago.
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