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Air Waybill Number

An air waybill number is a tracking number for a parcel. It consists of 11 digits and is used to keep track of where a parcel has been and where it’s headed. It’s one type of bill of lading.

Understanding the Air Waybill

The air waybill (AWB) is a document that serves as the receipt of goods by courier. Also, it works as a legal contract between the shipper and courier once both parties sign the documents.

The document is issued in multiple copies, so all parties can track the shipment.

Besides the 11-digit number, an air waybill contains:

  • the shipper’s full name and address
  • the recipient’s name and address
  • the origin and destination airport code
  • the value of the shipment for customs
  • the weight of the parcel
  • The number of pieces and a description of goods
  • Any additional notes (for example, if an item is fragile or perishable)

Moreover, it includes the courier’s terms and conditions and all applicable charges.

Types of air waybills

There are two types of air waybills. The airline-specific air waybill includes the courier’s name, office address, logo, and an 11-digit number. The neutral air waybill has the same format but is not used as much.

Air waybills can come in paper or electronic form (called an e-AWB).

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Can I get my customs duty refunded?
If you’ve returned an item to a retailer abroad worth over £135, then most likely yes! There are a few caveats though. Certain items like alcohol and tobacco aren’t eligible.

And there are time limits too.

If you returned the item because it was damaged or defective, it can’t have first entered the UK more than 365 days ago. And if you returned the item because you didn’t want it anymore, it can’t have entered the UK more than 90 days ago.
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